Environmental & Social Outcomes. Above Market Returns.

At Artesian Impact Partners, we believe that we can achieve impact without compromising on financial returns. We use our experience as financial innovators and trusted advisors to help institutional investors, family offices, charities, and endowments support the causes they care about, sustainably and at scale.

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mission-driven educators & FINANCIAL INNOVATORS

We look at where capital can make the most difference, create platforms for inclusive conversation, and build innovative financial solutions tackling global challenges. We help to bridge the information gaps that investors need to feel comfortable allocating capital towards impact.



We help our clients navigate deal sourcing and due diligence by providing plug-and-play access to our global network, data insights and analysis platform, cross-industry research capabilities, and a curated pipeline of de-risked investment opportunities.


experienced ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT managers

As seasoned investors, financial rigor is deeply encoded in our DNA as a firm. We leverage over a decade of funds management experience, specializing in fixed income and venture capital, to create innovative solutions that yield high impact and high return.

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climate change

Helping the world transition to a low carbon economy.


female empowerment

Supporting more women in decision making seats in the board room and on the cap table.

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capacity building in asIA

Adopting an ecosystem building approach to investing in early-stage innovation.