Best of class risk-adjusted returns WITH ESG INTEGRATION

We believe that by incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics into our core investment analysis, we are best placed to de-risk a portfolio and therefore increase returns for our investors.

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We maintain a firm-wide ESG Policy and sub policies for the various funds we manage. The global ESG Committee meets quarterly to discuss micro and macro ESG news events and set goals.

ARTESIAN Corporate Bond Fund

Negative & Positive Filter

The Fund will not invest in companies whose core business is related to fossil fuels, tobacco, alcohol, cluster munitions & landmines, pornography or casinos.


contributing to the transformation of industry

  • We view our role in sustainable finance as active not passive

  • We proactively canvas the sustainable finance areas of banks for new issuance that contributes to transformation of industry towards sustainability

  • Artesian’s partners contribute to the debate at industry conferences and directly with senior management at financial institutions

  • Artesian’s engagement with companies and bank syndicates allows us to be at the “front of the queue” when green and sustainable bonds are issued